Palm Island Rules & Policies


When arriving at the ferry landing, please observe the signs as to where to wait to board the ferry. Do not attempt to board until the ferry mate motions you forward. Please have your payment or pass ready for the ranger in the Golf Cart. If you are a Guest at Palm Island Resort, please let the ferry mate know this, and give him the name that is on your reservation. Palm Island Resort guest's transport has been pre-paid. Once on board, please roll down your windows and turn off your ignition, and engage your parking brake. All passengers must remain inside their vehicles during their trip to the island. All Walk-on passengers must remain seated during the trip and until the ferry comes to a complete stop. If arriving after sunset, please turn off your headlights once you have stopped. Headlights left on can blind the ferry captain when he is bringing the ferry into dock. Do not turn your headlights back on until you disembark the ferry at the destination. We appreciate your consideration in doing this. Do not restart you vehicle until the ferry has stopped at its destination. When disembarking from the ferry, please do not back-up until the ferry mate has told you to do so. Carefully back off the ferry being mindful of what is behind you.